Secrets To Surviving Your Early Years Of Marriage

Secrets To Surviving Your Early Years Of Marriage

There is no denying the fact that we are living in very disturbing times as far as marriage and family is concerned. Lasting marriage in today’s world is becoming a mirage. Divorce is on the rise mostly among young couples. It is a fact that times have changed, but the truth still remains, God still make marriage work.

Rev. Catherine Onwioduokit seeks to bring the readers to the place of recognizing the warfare raging against the institution of marriage. She submits to the reader that the scriptures remain that sure prophecy.

She reminds everyone of the enemy’s efforts at trying to make marital oneness a non-grata; against what the Bible says “The two shall be one…” and “whatever the Lord has joined together, no man shall put asunder”

Rev. Catherine Onwioduokit therefore presents the challenges of everyday marriage in very clear words and attempts to unravel how to work through them with the mind of gaining mastery. Whether it be Sex, Money, In-laws, and friends, Communication, Physical appearance, Sudden or delayed pregnancy, Personality differences and a lot more the book seeks to highlight, there is wisdom in God to navigate through them and come out victorious.

This book is a MUST read for every couple who desire not to endure but to enjoy their marriage. The principles laid out are intended to trigger positive conversation between married couples with the aim of creating a stronger bond.


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