The Family in National Development

The Family in National Development

The first institution created by God was the family. There is no institution on earth greater than the family. It’s only the family that has all the established environments vital for the upbringing of a virtuous human disciplined and engraved to learn and adapt. Additionally, the family has the foundation for one’s needs and wishes, it also prepare our minds for a good society.

To accurately diagnose the problem with our world, we need to take a critical appraisal at the broken fabrics. The author very pithily traces lawlessness in the societies that we are confronted with today, to breakdown in families. If this world is to be recovered, we need to rebuild our family fabrics and re-establish our family foundations that would disciple young boys and girls to become responsible men and women in the society.

The Author presents in detail the place of fatherhood and motherhood, especially, in leading by examples, in building a strong healthy family that bequeath lasting legacies to the progenies. She traces several dysfunction behaviour in the society that hampers National Development to the failings in the family.

Drawing from several backgrounds including sociology and psychology, but with the Bible as the focal point. The author establishes that poor family upbringing is a key factor in the lives of corrupt public officials. It cracks the integrity of the nation in recent times and underscores the urgency for parents to give utmost priority to the upbringing of disciplined and God-fearing children.

The book takes a comprehensive perusal at different Bible champions and relates their success and failings to family upbringing. Furthermore, the author undertakes a systematic review of several family trees and identifies the sins and challenges that foster certain lifestyles for the descendants of each family. Thankfully, the book also contains several remedies designed in a mutual-type fashion that could be applied to recover the family.

The obligation of developing an envious nation does not only fall on the government or public officials, but the larger portion of the duty depends on individuals and good family virtues. Any country seeking development and improved living must first build the capacity of the family, and families must take their responsibilities to build up their children under rules and regulations.

The Family in National Development is complete and compact. It is a must read for everyone including the yet –to-be-married. I believe our nation will certainly experience a turn around with the addition of this book to the literatures on parenting. The book is a critical asset to both those in authorities and the upwardly mobile professionals.pibus leo.


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