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Single and wondering what to look for in a future partner? Engaged and not sure how to conduct yourself in the relationship? Is parenting becoming burdensome?  Do you want to spice up your marriage? Worried, confused, and depressed about any relationship issues? Burdened to pray for the youths, families, relationships, nations?

THEN, Family Renaissance International is the place to be…

Family Renaissance International (FRI), formerly Women in the Gap International (WIG) was inaugurated in June, 2012.

We are a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to teaching, intercessory, mentoring and evangelistic functions for spiritual and social development of families.   It is our utmost belief that achieving National development has a strong correlation with the welfare of the primary unit of the society which is the family and its distinct members.

Our Purpose

• Teach the undiluted word of God and the ageless values and norms that will bring resultant positive effects and changes to the family unit.
• Mentor the next generation into their role and place in the Family, Community, Church, and the nation.
• Provide a platform where the heart of fathers and mothers will be turned to the children and that of the children turned to their parents.
• Establish strong partnership/ network with the different segments of the society for effective collaborative impact.
• Rebuild the old waste places, revive the foundations of many generations, repair the bridge, and restore streets to dwell in.
• Offer visionary leadership to leaders at all levels of operation, to engender the right attitude, character and nature, for maximum productivity.
• Create a forum using the media for reaching out with words of hope and direction for the future.

Our Core Interest (Marriage)

• We as a ministry believe that marriage was instituted by God. That it is a covenant between two consenting born again adults of the opposite sex who fear and believe in Christ Jesus.(John3:16)
• We believe that marriage is a MYSTERY, and this mystery has been unraveled to represent the covenant relationship existing between Christ and the ecclesia (church). (Ephesians 5:23)
• We believe that the marriage bed should not be defiled through adultery (Hebrews 13:4)
• That the children should be protected from the spirit of dragon (Revelation 12:5)
• We believe that we, just as God, are to hate divorce (Malachi2:14-16) and work out our marriage based on the knowledge of the purpose thereof and not pain.
• We also believe that marriage should not center on tradition, culture, or secular belief system, but purely on the word of God.



This is the time known as courtship where two individuals of the opposite sex agree to settle as husband and wife in the near future.

It is the period of studying each other, and agreeing on pertinent issues that will impact or affect their marriage, ‘Can two walk together except they be agree?’ (Amos 3:3) It is a very important season in every unmarried person’s life. It is not a time to engage in sexual immorality at all, as God detests it. (1 Corinthians 6:18-22; 7:1-2)



We believe that children are gifts from the Lord, and entrusted to parents, the Bible admonishes to raise children in the fear of the Lord (Eph6:4; Proverbs 13:24)

In Genesis 18:18-19, Abraham was a model father that God requires of parents, this is how it was meant to be.

The question then is, how will parents achieve these, in this challenging, perilous and perverse generation where technology is bombarding children with ungodly information through the internet, mobile devices and media programs?

Parents need divine wisdom to inculcate good morals and values to this generation.

To learn more visit FRI.


Listen to Echoes of Hope Radio Broadcast on Sunny 88.7FM on Sundays, 9pm -10pmand

Sky Power 93.5FM, Takoradi on Sundays 8:00-9:00pm.

Watch Families Together TV (On YouTube)


FRI has developed the Student Healthy Sexuality Programme (SHSP) with the slogan “My Abstinence My Power” is an outreach arm to second-cycle institutions. This programme aims at educating the youths on moral issues

A couple of schools had been visited, and many more will be visited.


Fellowship with us weekly on Mondays, 5:30pm at UDS Guest House, Sankara Overhead, near Ghana Police Headquarters, Accra

and on Tuesdays at City of Refuge, Tseaddo Accra.

Nigerian Office: No 5, Wellington Bassey, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

To support or partner with us financially call 0501289953

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